Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Routine 2014

We are in our summer routine!  It is nice to move a little slower in the mornings and have a more carefree attitude.

As much as some of my kids would like to sit around and watch TV all day...their mom has different ideas!  I have created a basic routine that I tweak just a little every year.  We do swimming lessons at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday late afternoons, Tuesday morning is the library reading program, and Friday mornings in the summer movie program at the theatre. I include physical activity, reading, and some extra jobs in their daily routine.

Each child has a check off sheet that they use each day to help them follow the routine...I say routine instead of schedule because I don't have specific times on anything except our morning devotional.  I didn't have a check off sheet for Mason or Corbin.  But on Monday Mason insisted on having one as I quickly adjusted one and he now has one taped to the wall next to the others.  Everyone has to do certain things in order to earn screen time (TV, computer, kindle, etc.)  And there is a limit to how much screen time they can do each it can't be done until the afternoon after quiet reading time and mommy reading time.

Last year I made up our own summer reading bingo with prizes and the kids really liked, of course, I had to do it again!  Jenessa had fun redoing the prize chart this year...everything is pretty inexpensive (plus I have some Culver's coupons for when everyone gets a blackout!)

This year I made the BINGO charts empty and gave them a list of books they could choose from to fill in the spaces.  It will be fun to see what books they choose!  Especially since the books that Kessiah and Jenessa choose will likely be the books that I will read as I made sure to put some books on their lists that I wanted to read!  We have all the reading BINGO charts and book lists on a wall in our office.  Kessiah's book list is a little short but she can also choose books from Jenessa's list...I just didn't want to retype them.  I don't have a chart for Logan yet...but I have given him the same prize options for progress in his Hooked on Phonics book.

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