Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mason's Graduation from Preschool

Once upon a time I had a 9 pound baby boy...our 5th child, 2nd son.

He was loveable and cute...but I felt like he wasn't developing as quickly as my other children had.  At his 9 month well child check he was diagnosed with low muscle tone and torticollis.

We started physical therapy once a week at our house...when he was 2 we started speech therapy as well.  When he turned 3 I had to make a decision.  He still needed therapy, but they wouldn't come to our house anymore.  I could put him in the school district preschool where he would continue to get therapy (3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours) or I could bring him in once a week for therapy.  We decided to go with the preschool option...but I was nervous.  I had never sent any of my children to public school...and he was so little.

It ended up being a positive experience for him...and me!  He had fun and got the therapies he needed.  He is doing so much better with his speech than he was 2 years ago.  He still has a slight head tilt at times...I'm not sure that will ever go away completely.

And now his time at the preschool is over.  They had a little graduation ceremony to celebrate.  (Truthfully, I think preschool graduation ceremonies are a little ridiculous...but since it was my own child I thought is was sweet of the teacher to do it!)

My current plan for him is to keep him home and take him into the elementary school for the therapies that he needs.  He is doing much better and at our final conference the therapists weren't sure whether or not to have him continue with his therapies or not...but we decided to continue just so someone could be watching to see if any further interventions might be needed.

As I have been talking to him about preschool being over he is excited that now he can go to coop with Logan and Sienna.

As a side note...I took Mason to his eye appointment this afternoon.  He is doing well and we do not have to go back for 6 months.  Yeah!

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