Monday, May 5, 2014

What We Read in April 2014

WOW!  A powerful and inspiring book, truly a must read.

I've also read a few ebooks that I got in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle...there are plenty more to read but for starters I read and   (I'm trying to decide if I should do something more with my blog and these books gave me some things to think about)

Kessiah for school has read
 , , and .

Jenessa' favorite from last month was The Enchantress Returns

She said it made her laugh and cry...I think this was the 3rd in the series.

Sienna has continued to read some American Girl books and has enjoyed the longer Magic School Bus books.

We are still working our way through Journey to the Center of the Earth as a read-a-loud has been a tough read for us...we will be glad to finish this one!

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