Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fathers & Sons Campout AND Mother's Day

This year Ryan took all three boys with him on the Fathers & Sons Campout.  I wasn't going to push him to take Corbin (he kept joking that he couldn't take any boys that were not potty trained!) but Jenessa did push!  She packed a bag for Mason and Corbin and helped get all the stuff in the truck.

Ryan said it went fine.  If we rate the amount of fun had to how much dirt was on their faces when they got home...then Mason and Corbin had a great time!

The girls stayed home and had "C" night...we ate calzones and cupcakes and watched old episodes of Studio C.

This weekend was also Mother's Day.  Ryan bought me some flowers and did all the cooking/cleanup in the kitchen...and even changed a stinky diaper!  Some of my kids made me some reminders of how much they love me!  I feel truly blessed to have the family that I do.

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