Saturday, May 10, 2014

Life on our Little Homestead

It has been wonderful for us to have the opportunity to go from .24 acres to 3 acres.  It will take some time (and money) to make all of our plans happen.  It is exciting to think about the possibilities!

One of the first things I did was make a place for a compost pile.  There were some pallets left in the horse area that I used.  My plan is create three spaces with the pallets for compost.  Not very pretty to look at but hopefully, we'll have some good compost...especially with our chickens (and soon to be rabbits)

We planted 24 berry bushes.  They are in different degrees of growth...some have lots of leaves and are a couple of feet high and others look like small sticks!  We love berries at this house so I'm not sure we will have enough to preserve but we will sure enjoy eating them fresh off the vine!

We are enjoying watching our chicks and ducklings grow.  It has been a great little adventure for us.  We got 12 chicks thinking that not all of them would make it...but they are all doing great.  The kids love playing with them.

Ryan has been working hard to make some garden beds...we hope to make more garden space and a greenhouse next year...and we do not have the cedar timbers secured around the outside...but for now we have a great start.  I have enjoyed getting my hands a little dirty and have been doing most of the watering during the week while Ryan is at work.  I haven't taken a very active part in our gardening until now...maybe that's why our garden beds haven't done very well most years!  Ryan doesn't have much time during the week to play outside and I have felt so swamped with babies in the past that I haven't done very much to help!  Now that the kids are getting a little older it is easier for me to get out and help.  I'm hoping for a lot of fresh and yummy produce this summer!

We had to buy a new lawnmower.  We had one...but after not using it for over 6 years we couldn't get it to start.  I'm hoping we have 4 lawnmower pushers in this house (Ryan, me, Kessiah, Jenessa) hopefully the job won't be too big!  Ryan mowed the lawn this weekend while I was at 4H sewing club with Kessiah and Jenessa...he said it took him about 1 1/2 hours to mow our lawn.

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