Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life in the Judy House this week

Wednesday morning when Kessiah went out to check on the chickens she found a surprise...3 kittens!  I'm sure someone had left them there (grrrrr) and of course my girls latched on quickly to those creatures...nice of them to leave for each girl...of course, Logan feels a little left out!  I'm not a cat person...and I don't want any more inside pets (we already have 2 guinea pigs inside and Diamond sleeps inside)...time will tell how this one ends up!

Corbin once again came to me with blood dripping down his face.  He had given himself a cut on the top of his forehead  with a bungee cord.  (In March he had given himself a gash in the head from the desk).  I had my phone in my back pocket so I took a picture...but first I made sure that he was really ok! (Ryan couldn't believe I stopped to take a picture!)

I love that my boys go outside more often is Corbin talking to our neighbors horse.

We had some beautiful weather towards the end of the week...the kids got out the slip n slide that the previous owner left.  I can tell we will be using that quite a bit this summer!  Corbin kept going out to play with it long after everyone else was finished.

On Saturday, Ryan and Kessiah got to go the the temple with the youth...a great experience.  Kessiah wishes we were close enough to go more often.

While they were gone, the rest of us had a Primary activity outside with water, squirt guns, sponges, slip n slide, and more water!

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