Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of the School Year Review

Honestly, this year had a big bump in the road!  It was a good bump, but still a bump!

Kessiah kept on track with Williamsburg Intermediate...she had some hiccups with math during the last part of the year but she did get her grade where it needed to be by the end!  She is getting really good at the piano, it is fun to listen to her practice.  She found a song from Frozen on the computer and now plays it so well that all her siblings sing along (I do mean all...even Corbin sings it!).  Because of our spending freeze she did have to drop violin...hopefully we can add that back in at some point.  She has continued to participate in 4H and has chosen to focus on small stock and sewing.

Jenessa is very good at staying on schedule with K12.  She continues to improve at the piano...sometimes I'm not sure if it is Kessiah or Jenessa playing.  Unfortunately, because of the move she was unable to participate in basketball or volleyball this year.  She is looking forward to soccer in the fall.  I'm excited to see her learning to sew in 4H.

We did get back on track with Sienna's schedule after the move.  She has been really good about getting her assignments done early in the day so that she has a lot of free time.  She is taking piano lessons as well.  She did not participate in basketball or springs sports either...but we did keep doing gymnastics at the Y.

Logan is where we (I) got way off track!  We just couldn't seem to get it together after the move!  My fault, I know!  Thankfully, he did learn a few things from our homeschool groups and Sienna read him some science books as part of her assignments.  They especially liked the Let's Read and Find Out Series.There are so many titles I can always fine one that they are interested in reading.

I'm looking forward to starting our summer schedule so I can start fresh with doing some academic things with him.  Logan was bumped up a gymnastics class so this year he has been in an all boys class.

Mason and schooling needs here.  They have both been enjoying gymnastics.  Mason moved up a class so he is no longer with Corbin.  They have really enjoyed the new space we have to explore at our new house.  These 2 little guys are some of the reasons I'm so glad we made the move.  I had been thinking of sending Mason to kindergarten and Corbin to preschool.  In our other house, the floor plan was so open that Kessiah and Jenessa didn't have a quiet corner they could go to when they needed to focus on school.  These 2 little guys had a really hard time being quiet!  That situation has been changed these guys get to stay home. I am pretty excited about that!

I have to admit is was nice not to have winter and spring sports schedules.  We really needed the time to get things done around here, but it was also nice not to have to do so much running around!  Our chickens have kept the kids quite occupied...maybe I'll count them as our spring sport!  Kessiah and Jenessa have especially taken over the care of them...I have really appreciated how responsible they have been!  Kessiah refers to our chickens as our comedy show...they are pretty funny to watch.

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