Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Day in Our Life

This was really interesting for me to do...I kept track of what we did yesterday...with a few pictures along the way.  We are starting our summer schedule...which means I didn't go to gymnastics with the 4 youngest like I do during the normal school year.

Woke up at 6:00...Logan was up to greet me...blog, email.
6:45...exercise with a Fit2B routine...Mason and Corbin got up during this time and Ryan left for work..had to intervene in a little boy fight
7:15...got the boys some milk and went to get myself ready for the day...showered, dressed, made my bed, folded some clothes...Kessiah got up during this time and played with kittens...Logan did his morning zone and played with kittens...Mason and Corbin played with each other.
7:45...went outside to turn on the water for the tomatoes and corn, printed weekly routine sheets for the 4 oldest kids and hung them up (after spending 10 minutes trying to find the tape!)...Sienna got up and played with kittens...I got kids moving on their AM responsibilities and breakfast...cleaned up a cup of spilled milk, sat down and cuddled with Corbin who wanted a Mommy Hug, Logan joined us, got up to put away a dog leash that Corbin started to hit me with, cleaned up kitchen island, told kids to put kittens away
8:30...morning devotional (after I get Corbin and Mason settled down from fighting over a toy...why do they always want the same thing!)...told kids they cannot hold kitten until their morning things are done... helped Sienna with math, cleaned up the front and back entry ways and downstairs hallway, dumped a bag of flour into a bucket, encouraged the boys (several times) to clean their room and assisted a couple of times, discussed summer goals with Jenessa, got Corbin dressed

10:00...snack time (although Logan and Mason didn't get a snack until 10:30 because it took them that long to clean their room and get dressed!), I did some decluttering in the office, decided what we were having for dinner and watered the rest of the garden, Kessiah and Jenessa finished their summer school work,  Logan and Mason did some PE games on the Wii (Corbin fell asleep on the couch while watching them), Logan did his morning zone and garden job, Kessiah went to play with Kurt's kittens, I printed a weekly routine sheet for Mason who decided he needed one, helped Logan and Mason do a couple of worksheets.  Sienna settled down with a book.  I even had a few minutes to sit down and read a conference talk from the Ensign.

12:20...Ryan came home for lunch...we ate and started quiet reading time.  Logan and Mason had a very hard time being quiet today!  Corbin informed me that he was stinky...so I had to stop and change him and discovered that he had leaked onto the carpet so I had to stop and get out the Little Green Cleaning Machine and shampoo the spot up!
2:00...Mommy Reading Time...we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...I couldn't read as much as we would have liked because of a scratchy throat.  Kessiah and Jenessa worked on their coloring pages.
 2:30...Girls took the dogs on a walk, I continued organizing the office (we still have a couple of boxes that haven't been upacked!) and got dinner in the crockpot.  The girls and I watched the latest Granite Flats episode while the boys watched Wild Kratts on PBS.  We all did afternoon zones and got ready for the piano recital.
6:00...Jenessa and Sienna had a piano recital (which Mason and Corbin had quite a bit of trouble sitting still for), girls and Logan went with Ryan to Walmart to buy kitty litter and box, I came home with Corbin and Mason...got them dinner.
7:45...Ryan got home with kids, got kittens situated, ate dinner, got boys ready for bed, family prayer, Jenessa read 3 books to the boys since my throat was still scratchy, boys in bed...the rest of us watched Studio C and then we called it a night!

Thanks to Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool for inspiring me to do this!


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

My kids love Studio C, too. :)

Isn't it fun to look back on a journaled day? It's such a pain to journal it, but such a treasure afterward!

Your girls' art is really cool.

Tristan said...

I'm so glad you linked up! Your little boys remind me of some of mine, always busy and often pestering one another like puppies. I love the girls' coloring pages, what are they from?

Is Granite Flats good? I've heard of it but never taken time to watch it. Can you give me a 20 second intro to the story to get me hooked?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a good one and it is awful when momma gets a scratchy throat. Not helpful with the reading aloud at all.

Carrine Judy said...

The girls coloring pages are from Costco...I found some books there around Christmas that had some really neat pictures of animals to color. They each got a set of Sharpies for Christmas as well which makes the pictures really vibrant.

My girls and I love Granite Flats...it's a story of mystery, intrigue, secrets, and spys. (My boys get a little restless which is why they watch PBS while we watch Granite Flats)